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Title of the Project
A Phase I study to assess the safety and immunogenicity of prime-boost immunisations with vaccine candidates AdCh3NSmut1 and MVA-NSmut in HIV-1 seropositive HCV-uninfected adults on antiretroviral therapy (ART)

Proposed period of release:
01/07/2014 to 31/12/2015

Name of the Institute(s) or Company(ies)
St. James’s Hospital, The GUIDE Department, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin 8;

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GMO characterization

GMO is a:
DNA Virus

Identity of the GMO:
1) Modified Vaccinia virus Anakara NSmut (MVA-NSmut)
Family: Poxviridae, Subfamily: Chordapoxviridae, Genus: Orthopoxviruses, Species: Vaccinia, Strain: MVA (Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara)

Information relating to the recipient or parental organisms from wich the GMO is derived
Common NameGenusSpeciesSubspeciesStrainPathovar
MVAorthopoxvirusvaccinia virus-Ankara-

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Not known