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United Kingdom

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Experimental challenge of the human nasopharynx with recombinant Neisseria lactamica expressing the meningococcal type V utotransporter protein, Neisseria Adhesin A (NadA).

Proposed period of release:
01/11/2017 to 30/11/2018

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The University of Southampton, University Road
Southampton SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom;

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There are two GMOs in use in this study. The first is a NadA-expressing Neisseria lactamica strain,
a derivative of the wild type strain Y92-1009. The GMO has been constructed so that a gene
expression cassette, containing an Nlac codon-optimised version of the nadA gene (NMB_1994) and
a copy of the endogenous lacZ gene, coding for β-D-galactosidase, is stably integrated into the
bacterial chromosome at an intergenic locus (Neisseria Heterologous Construct Insertion Site number 1, NHCIS1) (hereafter, strain 4NB1). The second GMO is the control strain, also derived from wild type strain Y92-1009, which has been modified at the same site and using the same protocol as the NadA-expressing strain, but contains a gene expression cassette with only the endogenous lacZ gene (hereafter, strain 4YB2).

Information relating to the recipient or parental organisms from wich the GMO is derived
Common NameGenusSpeciesSubspeciesStrainPathovar
Neisseria lactamica (Nlac)NeisseriaNeisseria lactamica-Y92-1009-

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24/10/2017 00:00:00