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Pilot study of the infusion of differentiated autologous T-cells from
peripheral blood, expanded and transduced with a lentivirus to express a chimeric antigen receptor with anti-BCMA (TNFRSF17) specificity humanized conjugated with the co-stimulatory region 4-
1BB and signal-transduction CD3z (ARI0002h) in patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma with previous treatment with proteasome inhibitor, immunomodulatory drug and anti-CD38 monoclonal antibody.

Proposed period of release:
01/09/2019 to 30/09/2023

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Fundació Clinic per a la Recerca Biomèdica, ;

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Other: mammals

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Identity of the GMO (genus and species): T lymphocytes form multiple myeloma patients (Homo sapiens sapiens) transduced with the self-inactivating lentiviral vector pCCL to express the chimeric synthetic receptor against the BCMA antigen, which has been humanized, with 4-1BB as co-stimulatory domain and CD3 as signaling domain.

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04/12/2019 00:00:00