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Title of the Project
Combination of Talimogene Laherparepvec with Atezolizumab in patients with residual breast cancer after standard neoadjuvant multi-agent chemotherapy (PROMETEO TRIAL)

Proposed period of release:
01/10/2018 to 31/01/2021

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B/BE/14/BVW1; B/BE/15/BVW1; B/BE/15/BVW2; B/BE/17/BVW2; B/DE/14/PEI2133; B/DE/14/PEI2194; B/DE/16/PEI2468; B/DE/16/PEI2623; B/DE/17/PEI3191; B/ES/14/05; B/ES/14/06; B/ES/14/08; B/ES/15/04; B/ES/15/07; B/ES/15/14; B/ES/16/01; B/FR/15/GT01; B/FR/15/GT06; B/FR/15/GT07; B/HU/14/01; B/PT/16/01; B/PT/16/03; B/SE/14/EU-2014-000185-22;

GMO characterization

GMO is a:
DNA Virus

Identity of the GMO:
Genus: Simplexvirus
Species: Talimogene laherparepvec is a recombinant of a wild type Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) strain JS1, with genes ICP34.5 and ICP47 deleted and hGM-CSF inserted

Information relating to the recipient or parental organisms from wich the GMO is derived
Common NameGenusSpeciesSubspeciesStrainPathovar
HSV-1SimplexvirusHSV-1-JS1 (ECACC Accession Number 01010209)-

European Commission administrative information

Consent given by the Member State Competent Authority:
23/10/2018 00:00:00