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Phase I trial of DNX-2440 oncolytic adenovirus in patients with recurrent Glioblastoma

Proposed period of release:
01/09/2018 to 01/09/2020

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ClĂ­nica Universidad de Navarra, ;

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GMO characterization

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DNA Virus

Identity of the GMO:
Genus: Mastadenovirus
Species: human adenovirus.
The GMO DNX-2440 is an oncolytic adenovirus encoding human OX40 ligand, which is a replication competent virus selective of tumoral cells. Its genome contains 3 genetic modifications with respect to the wild type virus (Ad5).

Information relating to the recipient or parental organisms from wich the GMO is derived
Common NameGenusSpeciesSubspeciesStrainPathovar
human adenovirus serotype 5Mastadenovirushuman adenovirussubgenus Chuman serotype 5-

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01/08/2018 00:00:00