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The purpose of this web site, managed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission on behalf of the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety is to publish information and to receive comments from the public regarding notifications submitted from the applicants to the Member States Competent Authorities about deliberate field trials and placing on the market of genetically modified organisms , as defined in Directive 2001/18/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 March 2001. The Register also lists notifications submitted to EFTA States under the Agreement on the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein)

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According to Article 31(2) of Directive 2001/18/EC, the Commission is also to establish one or several register(s), for the purpose of recording the information on genetic modifications in GMOs specified in Section A, point 7 of Annex IV to that Directive. The contents of this register is described in Commission Decision 2004/204/EC of 23rd February. Therefore, this website contains also the required information about GMOs authorized, under Directive 2001/18/EC for marketing purposes which include authorization for cultivation, food, feed and processing.
GMOs can also be approved for placing on the market under Regulation 1829/2003/EC (GM food and feed) for which a register is available at the Community register of genetically modified food and feed

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Deliberate release into the environment of GMOs for any other purposes than placing on the market
(experimental releases)

Plants Other than plants
Plants Other than plants

Placing on the market of GMOs as or in products
(commercial releases)

Authorised and pending